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Heavy Down Pour Storm Ilorin, Destroyed several Houses

Heavy Down Pour Storm Ilorin, Destroyed several Houses - community cries out, call for government assistance. Yesterday, it was a rainy experience for people within Ilorin metropolis as rain stormed the city and selectively destroyed several properties. The rainy experience was not favorable. The SATCOMMEDIA learnt that the rainstorm that occurred on Saturday night also displaced many people at Oke Ogun community, in Edun, Idiagbon community, in Emirs road, Isale-Gambari among other affected areas. Though no lives were lost in the incident. An eyewitness from the community affirmed the incident and call on government for assistance, as many people left were devastated with little or without hope of assistance from any quarters. He however, further stressed that, any assistance for non-governmental organizations would go along way in restoring the lost hope and further placed them back to normal life.

[Opinion]: Professor Gambari, Chief of staff and my perception by Nasir Abdulquadri

Professor Gambari,  Chief of staff and my perception by Nasir  Abdulquadri

Ilorin needs to understand the sociological composition of that position  at the national level. We should remember that Professor Gambari is not representing any political qouta  . He was picked strictly based on personal confidence the president has in him. We should therefore tame our sense of entitlement and unrealistic expectations.  The occupier of that position is as good  as the president wants or deemed it.  He is there to serve the president and it is a sin for a chief of staff that was appointed based on personal affiliation with the boss to use the office overtly to serve the interest of his people. 

We should understand that he is there representing the image of the president and with absolute discretion to help his people in a way that wont put him at odd with his boss or kitchen cabinets.  

The worse enemy Prof could have will be from us once we start echoing our "kowulo" syndrome without considering the genesis and primary reason of his appointment. The outsiders writing stuffs against him are secondary  once we at home show understanding and expect less patronage.  A chief of staff can be reduced to nothing once he loses his boss confidence and way to lose such confidence is acting like a politician.  Trying to be seen as a messiah that will solve all our socio economical problems.  

Though this is not applicable to other political office holders that represent qouta, not neccesarily merit or competence....People have right of political sense of entitlement but CHIEF OF STAFF.....HE IS MEANT TO SERVE HIS BOSS. 

We can only pray that his boss will be miraculously have interest in Kwara and allow him free hand to maneuver things in our favor.  If such option is frowned at and is not on d table , we should pray for his success and not to be disgraced.  It wont happen by His grace  . Amin.

Everybody that speaks great about ABBA Kyar  ,the best among us ,according to Mr President, only eulogized their personal relationship with him , his personal philanthropic dispositions , his brilliant handling of some national policies nd above all his unalloyed loyalty to his boss. No one ever said how he used his office to benefit his people. Very thin line....though it could have happened but very smartly and discretionally. Not with sense of entitlement by his people nor calling him out in the cold in our usual manner.

Obj said ..  General Adangba was a great chief of staff because he was d only kitchen cabinet member that never used his office to seek favor from him for himself nor anyone....inspite opportunities created by him for our people in SSS AND DSS. .He did his best whether enough or not,posterity is there but he succeeded in his primary assignment . Such is the expectation of the president from their chief of staff. 

The only appeal is that people that will be close to the new chief of staff from our people should endeavor to help him to balance the expectations.  Help him to tap from his passive influence to help our people with great strategy of *PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY* . They should endeavor help him to do what he can do to help and yet save him from the burden of limitless request that can serve as a dagger to be used against him by his natural detractors in the villa and political arena.

My people ....even if he is your father , if God hasn't appointed him as the one that will solve your problem, walahi he can't and he wont . Nd if you never met him nor has direct access to him and it is your time to be favored by him ....No one can stop it. He is a mere instrument in d hands of God to be used for or against anyone. Put your mind in God , tame your expectation and continue working hard. God can bless you without someone you expect . Yasin!

Our concern should be his success in the new assignment. 

May God bless you, me , Ilorin, kwara and Nigeria at large. Amin

 My name is Nasir Abdulquadri.


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