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Heavy Down Pour Storm Ilorin, Destroyed several Houses

Heavy Down Pour Storm Ilorin, Destroyed several Houses - community cries out, call for government assistance. Yesterday, it was a rainy experience for people within Ilorin metropolis as rain stormed the city and selectively destroyed several properties. The rainy experience was not favorable. The SATCOMMEDIA learnt that the rainstorm that occurred on Saturday night also displaced many people at Oke Ogun community, in Edun, Idiagbon community, in Emirs road, Isale-Gambari among other affected areas. Though no lives were lost in the incident. An eyewitness from the community affirmed the incident and call on government for assistance, as many people left were devastated with little or without hope of assistance from any quarters. He however, further stressed that, any assistance for non-governmental organizations would go along way in restoring the lost hope and further placed them back to normal life.

Opinion: of Human, High Mortality rate and poor Leadership by: Isiaka Abdulkareem


 The global health pandemic popularly known as Covid-19 have continue to create intense debates. I cannot phantom a major reason why we continue to be sick, for others to die and the resources to be manipulated. The recent highlight agenda of Federal Government of Nigeria to relaxed lockdown in some states being a major safety net against the safety threat continue to call for concerns. I foresee the boomerang as a doom.
An influx of coronavirus as from  4th March,2020 will be a poor display of leadership. Such act will have an overbearing influence on threats to human life and myopic attitude to public health. At a time when man do not value their lived experiences, high mortality rate prevails and weak leadership prowess will be nothing but a total shame. Then, the cost of economic transactions if greater than human safety must be questioned.

While we should not be making global death comparisms as it imposes more fear to humanity, its believed that world powers can now put their sentiments aside. They should strive to invest more on the health care system in order to record a high level of success in saving lives through dishing out vaccines. A major list in the 2020 agenda is already grieve filled ,and it may continue to be so if individualism win over the society. Our government should endeavor to equip health workers, scientists not only in classroom drama's but also to compete in world  spheres of inventions, discovery and innovation in order to shame the outbreak of corona virus. However, As it stands nearly all sectors is being affected and society will have to pay the price yet again. There you begins to see workers being laid off work and all. We ask questions of where else to run to for help? I am seriously unhappy to see why Nigeria continues to be consumer nation than producing for others to benefit. Where is our acclaimed giant of Africans slogan? Indeed, We are fond of mere talks, less actions.  It is pertinent to note that there is intense fear around the world. We should not only rely on natural medicines alone, we should seek to explore traditional medicine against all odds. Converge all alternatives there is and save the world. We cannot speak well of healing the world if we cannot heal our own minds. Again, We ask what has been the efforts put together by own microbiologist and biochemist as part of national development strategy to relieve the world off the scourge of the infectious disease. Hoping its not been thrown to waste bin as usual?

It is so worrisome to see activities of some state governors in Nigeria showing clearly how they are more interested in the financial bond for equipments and isolation centers than what the money is being projected for. 

Furtherance to all the shenanigans, some health risk behaviors is not duly observed and the resulting effects may not favour us all. As a people, our responsibilities is not far fetched. The stay home, save  lives slogan is an eyes openers but many people continue to live in the dark. The pandemic is deadly and deaths tolls multiply in numbers. The call goes to government to stop covering their mess with media but help the masses from speaking through their heart. 

"If we leave people to ensure their own survival, the whole essence of humanity will be defeated". 

People want to see continued efforts by the government to help stave off the doom.
Meanwhile, its believed that world will have a new phase after the pandemic. Our mistakes will not repeat itself as we will learn, relearn and unlearn.


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