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Heavy Down Pour Storm Ilorin, Destroyed several Houses

Heavy Down Pour Storm Ilorin, Destroyed several Houses - community cries out, call for government assistance. Yesterday, it was a rainy experience for people within Ilorin metropolis as rain stormed the city and selectively destroyed several properties. The rainy experience was not favorable. The SATCOMMEDIA learnt that the rainstorm that occurred on Saturday night also displaced many people at Oke Ogun community, in Edun, Idiagbon community, in Emirs road, Isale-Gambari among other affected areas. Though no lives were lost in the incident. An eyewitness from the community affirmed the incident and call on government for assistance, as many people left were devastated with little or without hope of assistance from any quarters. He however, further stressed that, any assistance for non-governmental organizations would go along way in restoring the lost hope and further placed them back to normal life.

[ICYMI]: Telecommunication, a lucrative business in Kwara By Oluwatoyin Luqman Bolakale

Telecommunication, a lucrative business in Kwara by Oluwatoyin Luqman Bolakale

December 19, 2019
Before the emergence of the Internet and other data networks, telecommunications had a clear meaning: the telephone (and earlier the telegraph) was an application of technology that allowed people to communicate at a distance by voice (and earlier by encoded electronic signals), and telephone service was provided by the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Much of the U.S. network was owned and operated by American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T); the rest consisted of smaller independent companies, including some served by GTE.

Then in the 1960s, facsimile and data services were overlaid on the PSTN, adding the ability to communicate documents and data at a distance—applications still considered telecommunications because they enabled new kinds of communication at a distance that were also carried over the PSTN. More recently, of course, communication at a distance has expanded to include data transport, video conferencing, e-mail, instant messaging, Web browsing, and various forms of distributed collaboration, enabled by transmission media that have also expanded (from traditional copper wires) to include microwave, terrestrial wireless, satellite, hybrid fiber/coaxial cable, and broadband fiber transport.

Telecommunication as a sector has enhanced human capabilities in areas such as Health, Education, Agriculture, Finance, transportation, Commerce and Governance e.t.c
Telecommunication to a layman might be limited to Service Provider like (MTN, GLO, Airtel or Etisalat) but the scope of Telecommunication as a business is broad and depends on how individual is able to utilize the concept from the diversification of the Telecommunication industries, The people of Kwara State has embarked on different aspects of Telecommunication business over the years as a direct Job or indirect Job.
Those involved in the business directly are people working with a Telecommunication industries like the Service Provider, Mobile Phone and Personal Computer Manufacturers, Radio and Television broadcasting stations and e.t.c, while those working indirectly are the people that serve as middle Men between the Service Providers in Telecommunication industry and consumers like Vendors, Business Centers, Operators Call centres, Umbrellas, Shops, Kiosks and Computer Villages that require less capital to establish. More than 1000 Kwarans are directly employed by Telecommunication industry and over 100,000 Kwarans are indirectly employed by Telecommunication industry thereby making them Telecommunication businessmen with less capital required to start the business, these people are involved in selling recharge Cards, SMEs data, Paga Services, Online registration, Phone and Computer Accessories inside small Shops, Kiosks, Umbrellas or those people at Computer Village, Challenge, Unity, Muritala, Post office, Taiwo and other parts of Kwara State that are engaged in selling and buying of Mobile Phones, Computers and accessories.

The Telecommunication sector has globally brought radical changes in the way people interact, learn, work and transact commercially.

The Telecommunication sector through the use of Information and Communication Technology I.C.T has impacted people lives in various terrains such as: Education, Health and Transportation.

The use of ICT has transformed learning process in the state in bridging the gaps of people access to right information at the appropriate time, Most of the hospitals in the State were equipped with Computer Technology that aid the affairs of people daily activities, and With the introduction of OPAY Ride in Kwara, with this latest development in transportation sector, people have able to book online for Ride in comfort in their rooms.

Access to Telecommunication is critical to the development of all aspects of a state economy including Banking, Manufacturing and Agricultural sectors.

The Telecommunication industry plays a crucial role and helps to redefine the Internal Generated Revenue system of most states of the federation as businesses and individuals can now pay their tax digitally from any part of the world


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