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Heavy Down Pour Storm Ilorin, Destroyed several Houses

Heavy Down Pour Storm Ilorin, Destroyed several Houses - community cries out, call for government assistance. Yesterday, it was a rainy experience for people within Ilorin metropolis as rain stormed the city and selectively destroyed several properties. The rainy experience was not favorable. The SATCOMMEDIA learnt that the rainstorm that occurred on Saturday night also displaced many people at Oke Ogun community, in Edun, Idiagbon community, in Emirs road, Isale-Gambari among other affected areas. Though no lives were lost in the incident. An eyewitness from the community affirmed the incident and call on government for assistance, as many people left were devastated with little or without hope of assistance from any quarters. He however, further stressed that, any assistance for non-governmental organizations would go along way in restoring the lost hope and further placed them back to normal life.

Nigeria at 59: Hon Abdulwahab Isa congratulates Nigerians, Sue for Love, Peace and Harmony as keys to National Development

INDEPENDENCE: HON. WAHAB ISSA CONGRATULATES NIGERIANS ... Identifies love, peace, harmony as keys to national development Fellow Nigerians, This beautiful day is more than just a holiday or an insignificant reason to sit back at home and relax on our couches. Of course it is a memorable day to remind ourselves of how far we have come and how much we have done as a nation. A special day of unity and togetherness. Such a day we need to carefully reorientate ourselves on the need to always put aside hostilities and come together as one big and unified family. On this auspicious day, I deeply congratulate anyone who calls himself or herself a Nigerian and lives on this glorious land, regardless of the language you speak and what traditions you follow. We should always remember that all the grief and suffering that Nigerians had to endure to achieve the long-awaited freedom, independence and sovereignty of our country. We may not have been where we want to be, but definitely we h


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